CELTA Tutors and assessment

CELTA Tutors and assessment

How you will be assessed

You will be assessed throughout the course. There is no final examination. An external assessor, appointed by Cambridge English Language Assessment, moderates each course.

There are two types of assessment – Teaching Practice and Written Assignments. To get the CELTA certificate, you must pass both assessments. There are three passing grades:

  • Pass ‘A’
  • Pass ‘B’
  • Pass

You will cover these topics through attending seminars, observing qualified teachers, participating in teaching practice and writing four assignments.

What does the delivery of the course involve?

The CELTA course is delivered by a team of two or more tutors. These tutors lead seminar input, observe and assess teaching practice, lead oral feedback sessions, provide written feedback, give tutorials and mark assignments.

In addition, they provide any support that candidates may require, for example with lesson planning. The tutors will make themselves available to candidates during each day of the course (08h30 – 17h00).

CELTA Tutors and assessment


  • Patrick Howarth (Course director)
  • Anna Wright (DELTA-qualified teacher)
  • Sean Arnett (Dip TESOL-qualified teacher)
  • Aurelie Detry (DELTA-qualified teacher)
  • Sarah Baldock (DELTA-qualified teacher)