Celta Overview

CELTA Overview

What is CELTA?

The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) is an initial teaching qualification awarded by the University of Cambridge Examinations Syndicate in the UK. Internationally, it is one of the most widely recognised qualifications of its level. CELTA preparation courses are run in over 300 centres in over 60 countries. The course is primarily practical in nature. It focuses on how to teach English to adult learners rather than educational theory.

Who is CELTA for?

CELTA is aimed at a wide range of people. It is the perfect qualification for those who want to start English language teaching anywhere in the world or for those with only a little training. It is also appropriate for those already teaching English who have no formal qualification.

Who accepts CELTA?

This popular teaching qualification is:

  • Accepted by schools which employ English language teachers throughout the world.

Widely used as a benchmark of basic teaching skills and quality by:

  • English language schools.
  • The voluntary sector.
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
  • Publishers.
  • Other educational institutions.
  • Accredited by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) at Level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

How long does a CELTA course take?

CELTA courses consist of 120 hours of training. These hours are divided between input, Teaching Practice, observation of qualified teachers, supervised lesson planning, peer observation, feedback on teaching and consultation time with tutors. In addition, trainees are expected to do a further 80 hours of work on lesson planning, reading, research, seminar preparation and written assignments.

At Lenguas Vivas CELTA can be taken either full time (a four week intensive course), part-time (a twenty week course) or semi-intensive (between 10 and 12 weeks).

What will you learn?

During the course you will:

  • Learn the principles of effective teaching.
  • Acquire practical skills for teaching English to adult learners.
  • Gain valuable practical experience as a teacher.