Unfortunately we of the Lenguas Vivas teacher training team cannot guarantee to provide all of our CELTA graduates with a job. Teaching doesn’t work like that! And we don’t make promises that we can’t keep!

However, we are well aware that the majority of people who take a CELTA course want to find work as an English Language Teacher as soon as possible when they graduate. After all, we’ve all done CELTA ourselves!

So we do everything we can to help our CELTA graduates find work quickly. And we’re good at it. To the best of our knowledge all our CELTA graduates who have wanted work, have found it. And they’ve often done so with our help.

So what can we offer you in terms of job recruitment support?

• Every course includes a seminar entitled ‘Getting A Job & Doing The Job’. In the first half we look at ways to find vacancies worldwide, how to apply, how to prepare for interview, and what to expect. In the second half we consider what your future employers might expect from you and how to keep them happy, as well as how to develop a career in English Language Teaching.

• We’re happy to give advice about CVs, letters of application and references.

• We provide every CELTA graduate with a report that you can use as a reference when job hunting and are happy to provide further references if necessary.

• Lenguas Vivas provides examination services for a large network of schools in the Comunidad Valenciana and the Region of Murcia. Our network schools often turn to us to help them with their recruitment needs because they know that our CELTA courses produce talented and serious CELTA graduates.

• We receive job offers from these schools throughout the year. We are sent vacancies in Valencia city, Paterna, Bétera, Castellón, Silla, Algemesí, Carlet, Gandía and even Turkey! We are asked to provide teachers for full time jobs, part time jobs; for Business English schools, summer schools and private language schools. And we send all the vacancies onto our graduates by email. As a Lenguas Vivas CELTA graduate you will continue to receive job offers for a year after graduating.

• We have, of course, a growing network of our CELTA graduates who are already working. By keeping in touch with them, they let us know about vacancies and they are usually happy to advise new graduates about job opportunities where they are working.

At Lenguas Vivas we believe that it’s important for a CELTA graduate to start teaching professionally without too much delay. You don’t want to lose the skills you’ve worked so hard to learn, so you will want to get into the classroom again as quickly as possible. We’re here to help you do just that!